12 Pieces of Sex Furniture That Sex Experts Love

12 Pieces of Sex Furniture That Sex Experts Love

Not to get too personal, but some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been in the backseat of a car. Hear me out: There’s more support to grab onto than on a bed; the sheer change in location makes it more erotic; and you’re forced to sit up instead of lay down. You know what else gets to all of those points without putting you at risk for a public indecency ticket? Sex furniture.

“Sex furniture is furniture that’s designed specifically to enhance the experience of sexual behaviors because it’s great for supporting bodies of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities,” says Chanta Blue, LCSW, a sexuality and relationship therapist. She adds: “It is also helpful in creating varied angles for easy access to genitals and deeper penetration for more pleasurable experiences.”

Javay Frye-Nekrasova, M.Ed, a sex educator known as The Millennial Sexpert, says that sex furniture may make it easier for you to stay in positions longer and even reduce strain on your body. This is especially handy, adds sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, for folks with “mobility issues or chronic pain, since a couple of models hold your vibrator for you.”

Tl;Dr: Sex furniture just *hits* different. But before you redecorate your living room, read this first. Then, sit back and “relax” on of these sexy chaises or chairs.

Questions to ask yourself when shopping for sex furniture

1. How much space am I actually working with?

“You are definitely going to want to keep your space in mind,” says Frye-Nekrasova. “Storage is important as most sex furniture pieces aren’t daily staples and most can’t be compressed back to the small size that they are when they come in the packaging.”

The fix? Identify the space where you’d like your new piece to go, then measure it for width, length, and height. “You don’t want to purchase a piece and it ends up not fitting where you want it to go,” cautions Blue. To be extra cautious, try to purchase something a little smaller than the measurements you get.

2. Is this piece of furniture going to be easy for me to clean?

Because you’re getting down and dirty on these pieces, it’s crucial to keep them as clean as possible. After all, there are a lot of bodily fluids getting on them. “I’d consider whether or not the cover is removable and washable. That’s a must for sex,” says Queen. “An exception might be the leather or faux leather covers that can be cleaned while they’re on.”

3. What kind of play do you hope to use your sex furniture for?

If you want to have aerial sex, then a sex swing will likely be your go-to. If you want to something more supportive, look for something built to elevate certain body parts, like your hips or back. If you’re looking to get restrained, you’ll want something to which you can be tied. “Think it through,” recommends Queen. “Some companies have customer service humans who can help you narrow down your choice.”

Ready to take your sex life to new heights (or depths, rather)? Scroll on for our favorite sex furniture picks, all sexpert-approved.

12 pieces of sex furniture that may be better than your bed

Dame, Pillo — $95.00

Great for: Hip and back support in all sorts of positions.

Out of more than 300 reviews on Dame Pillo’s product page, it’s earned itself 4.7 stars, making it a stand-out piece of sexy furniture. Its simple wedge design makes it great for a variety of positions, with or without a partner. It’s also extremely durable, made of polyurethane foam (a popular material used for most home furnishings) with a machine-washable cover and waterproof liner that keep inevitable stains at bay.

Per Queen, the pros of this product are that it’s “a good size, has a versatile design, and a washable natural fiber cover.” However, if you’re someone who likes to have a plethora of color choices, I hate to break it to you, but the Dame Pillo is only available in indigo. (Queen wants to know: “Where are my color choices?”)

Liberator, Obéir Spanking Bench — $190.00

Great for: Bending over with a bit of restraint.

Whether you’re a BDSM pro or just venturing into bondage play, Liberator is one of the best brands out there. (Seriously, even Queen says this is a “great quality brand.”) Take this Obéir Spanking Bench: Its black microfiber cover resembles luxurious velvet; it has four built-in attachments to which a person can be restrained; and is only 2-by-2 feet and 8 inches tall, making it perfect for smaller spaces.
Dr. Queen is particularly into this spanking bench because it’s got a “versatile shape, bondage gear options, a washable cover, and is at a good price for the type of product it is.” It’s also not super obvious that this is a piece of sex furniture, and that’s a plus in my book.

TOP, 100{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} Waterproof Blanket — $90.00

Great for: Protecting your furniture from bodily fluids.

There really isn’t anything on the Top Waterproof Blanket product page that even slightly suggests this blanket is intended for sexual purposes—until you scroll through the reviews. Exhibit A: “Love this, it’s my second one. If you’re a squirter, this is worth saving a dry spot! Reversible and throw over the door before work and it’s dry before dinner!” ‘Nuff said.

This stain-resistant throw is fully reversible, can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be machine washed and dried. It comes in three color options (purple and blue, brown and beige, and red and grey) as well as in two sizes (jumbo, which is 80-by-60 inches, and midsize, which is 60-by-40 inches).

Liberator, Bondi Bondage Board — $350.00

Great for: Full-body BDSM.

At four-feet across, this is definitely a larger piece of sex furniture that’s more difficult than other pieces to store or hide. If you have that type of space, though, Frye-Nekrasova thinks it’s worth investing in this highly functional bondage board. It has a faux leather exterior that opens up to reveal myriad options for restraining a person. Plus, even when it’s closed, you can use it as a sex bench!

“It works great for making it so that you can be a smidge more comfortable getting down on the floor,” says Frye-Nekrasova. “The restraints work well for adding some kinkiness to the comfort.” The only thing Frye-Nekrasova notes is its size:​ “It might not be enough for bigger-bodied couples.”

Sportsheets, Sex Swing Door Jam Kit — $80.00

Great for: Aerial sex on a budget.

Short on space and can’t hang a full-blown sex swing? This one from Sportsheets works with any doorframe, cradling you or your partner for aerial exploration. Made with acrylic barbells that slip over most closed doors, it includes a sturdy nylon seat, hand grips, and stirrups for sexy swing play. Each holds up to 325 pounds and is fully adjustable to your or your lovers’ height.

“This sex swing is a great option for adventurous folks who want to take it to the air,” says Frye-Nekrasova. “The sex swing also makes it so that there is less strain on the body for a variety of positions.” The downside of the sex swing, adds Frye-Nekrasova, is that it won’t work with all doors. “It has to be a sturdy enough door to hold the weight of the person sitting in it,” she says. Word of advice? Test it out before you go all out.

Liberator, Flip Ramp Intimate Positioning Pillow — $230.00

Great for: Custom support in various positions.

Available in six different colors, including grey and a very sensual red, this sex pillow exemplifies versatility. ”You can put it in different configurations to accommodate different positions and height differentials,” says Blue. “It can also be disguised as an ottoman if you’re concerned about discretion.”

The machine-washable cover is made of faux velvet that is just as soft as the real thing. When you fold the pillow into that ottoman Blue was talking about, it measures out at 19-by-19-by-15 inches. When you open it up to use as a ramp, it measures out a bit bigger at 37-by-12 inches. Yes, you’ll need a little bit more space, but the floor of your bedroom will do nicely.

Avana, Sleek Chaise Lounge — $290.00

Great for: Redecorating in a way that doesn’t look horny.

Out of approximately 350 ratings, this chaise lounge has garnered 4.4 out of 5 stars. While it’s advertised for yoga and stretching, the sofa’s structure also supports sexual wellness and endeavors. “This chaise lounge is great for providing comfort while in different sex positions,” says Blue. “The design allows for the redistribution of weight and increases access to the pelvic areas.”

It also comes in five different colors, which is nice, Blue adds, because “it can be a part of the natural decor of your space.” Moreover, it’s lightweight even though it’s a bulky piece at 60 inches long. The kicker here is that the cover is removable and machine washable, making it a good option for sexcapades.

Liberator, Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo — $280.00

Great for: Adding depth to penetration.

When I ask Frye-Nekrasova for some of her favorite pieces of sex furniture, she first recommends this wedge-ramp combo from Liberator. “It is a great option for folks looking to add some depth to the penetration,” she tells me. “With the wedge combo, you can explore a variety of positions with ease and comfort.” Get creative but if you need suggestions, check out Liberator’s product page.

This pillow combo is made of microfiber that you can remove and throw in the washer. It also comes in three different sizes: short, (32 inches), regular (34 inches), and tall (36 inches).

Liberator, Cello Chaise — $495.00

Great for: Large spaces.

Frye-Nekrasova recommends this chaise lounge which is a pricier, more luxury option. It’s also not for everyone, says Frye-Nekrasova. “It’s perfect for folks that have space in their home,” she posits. “It is also multi-use, and you can use it for comfortable position exploration or as a convenient reading spot for your favorite erotica.”

At a fixed 60 inches long, you’ll definitely want to get your measuring tape out and make sure you’ve got the space. If you do and still aren’t sold on using that real estate for this chaise, allow a reviewer to convince you: “I purchased this so my husband and I could try more adventurous positions. It gives much better access for oral and standing positions. I love the soft foam and fabric. Plus, the cool shape looks very artsy in our bedroom.”

Bondage Boutique, Sex Position Enhancer Chair — $100.00

Great for: Small spaces.

On the flip side is this petite chair that’s great for small spaces. Coming in at 16.5 inches tall and 21 inches wide, this smaller piece holds up to 330 pounds and has four layers of elastic, which offers reinforcement as well as extra support and even a little bounce. This chair is designed to, well, enhance certain sex positions. For example, one reviewer said that this takes the leg work out of riding on top.

One thing to keep in mind is that Lovehoney, the retailer of this product, recommends having two people put this together since the elastic can be a little tough to stretch. From there, though, it’s quite simple to break down and stow away as well as build up and use.

Purple Reins, Sex Sling — $170.00

Great for: Aerial sex without space or budget constraints.

This sex sling holds about 300 pounds of weight and is “best suited to homes with high ceilings and strong rafters,” according to the product page. Its design is reminiscent of a hammock, it’s made of nylon, and it has adjustable straps to ensure that it’s a good fit (or height!) for you and your partner.

Since this sling attaches to the ceiling through a carabiner, it’s a good option if you don’t want it to be part of your everyday decor. Regardless of how you choose to store it, know that the Purple Reins Sex Sling spins a full 360 degrees and—according to reviews—makes it very easy to give someone a pounding.

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine — $1,800.00

Best for: Splurging.

Up until this point, we’ve explored sex furniture that’s meant for partnered play. However, there are many types of pieces meant for arousal and that doesn’t exclude solo sessions. Cue the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine, a rideable piece of equipment that’s remote-controlled, features six vibration speeds and patterns, and has a 360-degree swivel rotation that lets you live your best cowgirl fantasy.

“The riding sex machine is one of my favorites to recommend,” says Blue. “There are different versions that can accommodate any budget, but the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine would be a worthwhile investment.” Yes, it is pretty much one month’s rent, but it’ll give you the ride of your dreams.

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