25 of Our Favorite Interior Design Gifts

25 of Our Favorite Interior Design Gifts

Gifts for Interior Designers

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Picking out presents for interior designers can be intimidating. After all, their entire practice revolves around having an eye for good design. In order to make this task easier, we’ve mapped out our favorite shops and constructed a collection of imaginative interior design gifts.

Here, you’ll find gift ideas inspired by the ins and outs of interior design. Many of these presents capture the practice’s focus on color, like the Pantone reusable water bottle, paint chip calendar, and color wheel lapel pin. Others reimagine traditional tools like a paintbrush as delicate jewelry, in the form of a delicate necklace or a pair of mismatched earrings. Design lovers will appreciate the vibrant touches these creative products can add to their everyday routine.

Another great gift can be something special for their own homes. We picked out modern ceramic vases for recipients to display artful bouquets on their tabletops, and a high quality art print of a Van Gogh painting to embellish any wall. In addition, giving a new fragrance will make any space much more inviting, like a set of Nest candles that includes a variety of pleasant scents.

Finally—and fittingly—some simply pay homage to iconic designers, from Mid-century modern chair prints to Frank Lloyd Wright tea towels. We also picked out a coffee table book that explores beautiful British decor, surely bringing inspiration for their own interiors. And when it’s not in use, makes a lovely addition to the living room.

No matter which gift you give, you’re guaranteed to get floor-to-ceiling praise from your favorite interior designer!

Know a creative interior designer? Wow them from wall to wall with these imaginative design gifts.

Circular Hollow Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vases

PourToiHome | $31.78+


Van Gogh Roses Poster

Van Gogh Poster

SugarnCanvas | $15.07


Book of Beautiful Interiors

Book of Beautiful Interiors

Jenny Rose-Innes | $46.50

Pantone Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle

Pantone Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Pantone | $33.69


Nest Candle Set

Nest Candle Set

NEST | $46


Digital Color Reader

Digital Color Reader

Datacolor | $99


Color Wheel Lapel Pin


Color Problems by Emily Noyes Vanderpoel


Paintbrush Necklace

Interior Design Gifts for Interior Designers

UniqueAnomaly | $27.99+


Holographic Stapler

Holographic Stapler

NatSumeBasics | $13.89


Bioluminescent Octopus Orb


Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest


Standing Desk & Laptop Stand

Standing Desk

TheDeskStand | $134.10


Rug Bookmarks

Rug Bookmarks

Inusitus | $19.95


Paint Chip Calendar

Paint Chip Calendar

Maalbok | $8.99


Mid-Century Modern Furniture Print Set 


RGB & CMYK Earrings

Mismatched Earrings

Yellow Owl Workshop | $20


Cactus and Succulent Soy Container Candle

Cactus and Succulent Soy Container Candle

Zoet Candles | $27.50


 ‘Eat, Sleep, DESIGN, Repeat’ T-Shirt


Grecian Bookends

Grecian Bookend

StaticGaze | $60


Interior Design Reference & Specification Book Updated & Revised: Everything Interior Designers Need to Know Every Day


Interior Design Coloring Book

Interior Design Gifts for Interior Designers

Blue Star Press | $12.99


Frank Lloyd Wright Tea Towels


Modular Placemats

Modular Placemats

LineArcDesign | $24.75


Retro Interior Design Watercolor Stickers

Interior Design Stickers

YanaFefelovaArt | $2.34


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