At-home DIY Christmas gift ideas, epic for foodies

At-home DIY Christmas gift ideas, epic for foodies

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Holiday gift ideas for that are easy, practical, economical and edible. 

Holiday gift ideas for that are easy, practical, economical and edible. 

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Christmas is around the corner and for those looking for a practical gift idea that’s easy to “do it yourself” at home and even easier on the pocketbook; this roundup offers some ideas to consider.

Whether it’s making a holiday-inspired charcuterie board or a decorated mason jar with homemade sweet and spicy nuts here are online tutorials and all the “how to’s” to get started this holiday season. 

Charcuterie board gift ideas

Charcuterie boards and the needed accessories to create one are creative gift ideas for Christmas. Whether making an actual charcuterie board with the deli and cheese goodies all packaged together nicely in a holiday-inspired box with bows.

Another gift-giving idea to consider is a gift bag with the actual board, cheese knives, a jar of fruit preserves, and some cute holiday napkins or a bottle of wine as a way to flip the “do it yourself.” The gift will provide all of the items for someone to create their (own) charcuterie board. 

Taste of Home offered “27 holiday- inspired charcuterie board gift ideas,” in a recent report, and below is an uploaded ‘how to video’ tutorial from Simple Home Cooked. 


Savory food gift ideas

Homemade sauces and condiments are a foodie-inspired gift idea for families who enjoy grilling or spicy Asian dishes. The Serious Eats website takes the foodie gift idea to the next level with savory food ideas with recipes ranging from homemade pickles, hummus, and condiments such as hot chili paste for spice lovers or barbecue sauces for the folks that enjoy grilling. 

The Lone Star State is well-known for its barbecue, and Franklin’s in Austin is a popular destination as one of the best in the state’, according to Texas Monthly. Here’s a video from Franklin’s Barbecue in Central Texas sharing his recipe as a local favorite. Once the recipe is complete, add it to a decorated jar as a homemade condiment holiday gift idea.

Sweet and Spicy Coated Nuts

Spiced nuts in a creative gift box is a holiday gift idea that can be made in a big match to create multiple gifts at once. Country Living shared a recipe idea for “Sweet and Spicy Coated Nuts,” to consider. 

The gift is practical gift idea and provides the salty sweet treat for the savory food lovers. 

Here’s a  ‘how to’ tutorial on making spiced pecans uploaded from Southern Living’s YouTube channel. 

Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar

The “Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar,” is a classic. It’s economical, accessible, practical and a family-friendly project for the kiddos in the house.

The cookie recipes are endless; along with the decorating ideas for the mason jars. To start, choose a favorite cookie recipe and fill the mason jar with the dry ingredients needed to make cookies, such as chocolate peppermint or double chocolate toffee cookies. 

Next, create a decked-out mason jar with bows and ribbons and holiday flair. The cookie jar gift idea is also something that can be made into multiple gifts for numerous people all at once. 

The video below showcases four holiday cookie recipes to design ideas for the “Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar,” holiday gift. 

Wine bags

Homemade wine bags as a holiday gift can decorate any bottle of wine for the next holiday get together. Choosing a design and fabric will inspire the holiday cheer to create multiple gift bags for multiple bottles as an easy gift item for friends and family. 

The Merrythought channel on YouTube inspires a few ideas and tips when looking for visual instruction for creating a wine lovers gift bag. 

Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Homemade chocolate-covered pretzels are an easy “go-to” holiday gift idea. The pretzels can be made with the kids with creative ways to add different types of chocolate and holiday-colored sprinkles with a holiday decorated gift bag. 

The Cook’s Corner YouTube Channel below has a quick tutorial creating the holiday treat as a “do it yourself” gift idea this holiday.