Best Sims 4 Packs For Builders, Ranked

Best Sims 4 Packs For Builders, Ranked

If you’re a Sims builder then you’ll find that you have different requirements from a pack compared to others. Gameplay elements become less important and the focus is on the build and buy catalog. Rarely do must-have rankings take this into account, until now.

Here we take a look at some of the very best packs for builders to splash out on. While many are subjective, due to taste, these are the packs that offer the most variety and versatility for those who enjoy creating beautiful buildings in The Sims 4. We’re looking at not just the amount of items but also the usefulness and versatility. Some of them will even add a new dimension to your building, quite literally.

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Updated April 17, 2023, By Helen Ashcroft: As The Sims 4 grows to expand the options for builders are increasing all the time. Kits in particular are a huge boost for many builders, since they offer small themed sets of furniture for a cheap price. We have listed kits as one entry here, since we also have a list of all the build kits, ranked, but other packs are listed individually. Here’s what builders will find to enjoy in each pack.

21 Vintage Glamour Stuff

A glamorous Sim asks their live-in Butler to cook for them

Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff trailer screenshot

At first glance, Vintage Glamour seems like a pack you’d get no use out of, but builders will quickly realize that the bedroom set is very versatile. It includes a matching wardrobe and drawers, which is a rarity, and the furniture all has a good range of swatches, including neutrals and those with a pop, of color.

The dressing tables, one more modern and another more vintage, also add something to larger bedrooms with space to spare. The plain shaggy rug is just another useful item to add to this stuff pack’s list.

20 Laundry Day Stuff

A Sim uses the light blue Washtub to clean their clothes

Sims 4 Laundry Day trailer screenshot

The first Stuff Pack to be put to a community vote, Laundry Day Stuff is a firm favorite for many players. Not only does the addition of laundry add realism to gameplay but the build and buy items also add some versatility.

As well as the obvious laundry related items, you’ll also find a range of rustic rugs and decor alongside many realistic touches such as laundry room shelves, closets for coats, and similar items that work well in those awkward hallways and pantries.

19 Realm Of Magic

A Sim from The Sims 4 Realm Of Magic Creating A Potion With A Moonstone On A Cabinet In The Background

If you’re into the supernatural, then Realm of Magic is a great investment. While unfortunately much of the magical realm itself is uneditable, Glimmerbrook can be freely turned into a mystical area.

The pack provides some ornate looking windows and doors as well as magical artifacts such as cauldrons and wands. There are also similarly styled dressers, bookcases, and other home furnishings that will add a flourish to your builds.

18 Jungle Adventure

Some explorers visit a marketplace vendor to prepare for their expedition into the jungle

Jungle Adventure is a pack you wouldn’t immediately consider for building but the beautiful world of Selvadorada is truly a delight to build in. The pack matches the jungle aesthetic and is great for anyone seeking something different.

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You can go wild with foliage, build ancient ruins and temples, and embrace the culture of the land with a wide range of build items offered in this pack. With a little imagination, you can build anything from a tiny reclusive rental all the way up to a cultural monument.

17 Cool Kitchen Stuff

Sims in a kitchen chatting.

Base game kitchens, oh how we loath thee. For all those despairing of using the same one modern kitchen unit over and over Cool Kitchen Stuff is here to save you. While the units aren’t quite as versatile as some, the appliances and sink are particularly excellent.

This pack adds some great kitchen staples to your game, including accessories and seating, and will really help out as you seek to build beyond the base game.

16 Spa Day

Sims 4 spa day manicures and pedicures alongside a massage

This may seem like a slightly off the wall choice, but it’s primarily here for one reason, the tiles. Base game tiles are bland and weirdly colored, meaning kitchens and bathrooms can be difficult to match up.

Spa Day is all about the clean, crisp, and modern vibe. It includes simple tiles for both walls and floors in several patterns and swatches. These are absolutely invaluable to builders. There are also some nice modern plants, an ottoman and of course there is also the ability to build spas.

15 Vampires

A vampiric Sim appears to be casting some sort of spell—or at least, preparing to cast something

For lovers of the gothic side of style, Vampires is here for you. It includes Victorian style windows and doors as well as several ornate wallpaper options. There is also a range of decorations for the outside of the home.

Internal furnishings include luxurious looking beds and chairs as well as coffins and an abundance of cobwebs, dead foliage, and other decor designed to make your builds look forgotten, creepy, or run down. While it suits vampires perfectly, it’s also quite versatile for any build that is dark or disused.

14 City Living

sims 4 city living festival tables food penny bubbler guitar

City Living offers builders a new way to play, by refurbishing apartments. Many simmers hate the system, hence the lower ranking, but for those who embrace it, San Myshuno allows you to work on your design skills.

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There is also a range of cheap and second hand looking items, allowing you to create a grungy looking starter home. Color and culture aren’t the only things in this versatile expansion that will add a new dimension to your starter homes, especially in TLC lots.

13 Toddler Stuff/Kids Room Stuff

Two toddlers play as an adult Sim reads to them

Yes, we cheated and put two together but honestly, if you want to build family homes then both these packs are equally important. The base game offers only very simple and basic furniture options for both toddlers and children. These packs change this.

The Kids Room stuff pack brings more grown-up looking furniture including a bed, desk, wardrobe, and bookcases. There are also some nice accessories. Similarly, Toddler Stuff brings more toys, storage, beds, and activities. If you’re building for children then these packs are essentials.

12 Build Kits

Sims 4 country kitchen kit kitchen design using all items

At this point there are a range of build kits to choose from. Country Kitchen is pictured above and contains a rustic kitchen with appliances, tiles and flooring. Bedrooms are also covered with the Industrial Loft kit that includes a bed and bedroom furniture. Plant lovers will adore Blooming Rooms, and Decor To The Max offers bold and vibrant household items.

If you are looking for an outdoor revamp Courtyard Oasis can help, while Little Campers offers outdoor activities for children. Finally, is the indoor outdoor Desert Luxe kit. All these contain only build items and are around half the price of a Stuff Pack, making them great value for builders.

11 Werewolves

A sneak peak of a cluttered Werewolves hangout, complete with beds, a computer, and tables full of food and books

Werewolves may sound like an odd pack for builders, but it offers some unique opportunities. While the world of Moonwood Mill isn’t huge, it does include an underground den, which only certain Sims can access.

The theme of the pack also means there is a lot of battered furniture, as well as makeshift items such as a door made into a desk. The run down grunge vibe is sparse in The Sims 4, but this pack embraces the mismatched aesthetic.

10 High School Years

Teen students in front of a school cheerleading, playing football, and sitting on the grass

High School Years gives you a huge high school lot to rebuild or refurbish. It even includes a multi use gym. This is once again a pack on this list due to the new building options it offers. These new building types give you different challenges and have many requirements.

The furniture in this pack offers some unique items, such as cafeteria stations, new types of desk and extra vending machines. It also matches well with several other packs, especially Discover University.

9 Discover University

Two roommates with very different interests (one in soccer, and another in robotics) talk in their university dorm room

Discover University doesn’t have as many items as some expansions but the use you’ll get out of what is in there makes it a worthwhile investment. Building dorms is fun but the items you use also have many uses outside this environment.

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Highlights of the pack include toilet cubicles, shelving, and beds that are usable anywhere, laptops, and mini-fridges. You’ll also find new activities including ping pong tables and juice kegs.

8 Snowy Escape

Sims 4 Snowy Escape Festival of Snow Mt Komorebi

Snowy Escape has a beautiful wintery world, permanently covered in ice and snow. This makes the aesthetic different for a start, but once you add in the Japanese inspired architecture it opens up entirely new ways of building.

There’s a new lot type, Onsen, as well as a wide range of versatile build items that match perfectly with each other. You can furnish an entire house in this new style with only a couple of minor base game additions. Builders can truly embrace a different style of architecture in Mt. Komorebi.

7 Get Together

Sims 4 get together outdoor gathering

Get Together is worth buying for Windenburg alone. The large world is absolutely beautiful and contains a number of unique buildings. You can also jump right in and build unique Tudor inspired creations in the empty lots thanks to this expansion.

The theme is heavily influenced by Windenburg’s aesthetic, which isn’t for everyone, but those who enjoy it will love this pack. Build a Tudor mansion or a quaint café and enjoy the beautiful space offered by the world.

6 Cottage Living

sims 4 cottage living pack bunny cooking together kids family crossstitch

While it may not quite be a farming pack, it’s the closest we have. The rural world of Henford-On-Bagley comes with some village shows, a lot of gossip and a few new mechanics. Alongside this are items to help you build the farm of your dreams.

You can build a shed for cows or llamas, as well as a chicken coop. There are also rabbit holes and trees birds will land on. Combine these with the new large plots of dirt and extra crops, and you build your very own house in the country.

5 Dream Home Decorator

sims 4 dream home decorator bed desk chairs wardrobe style

Dream, Home Decorator was made for builders. This game pack allows you to take on a fully interactive career as an interior designer. You’ll visit Sims in pre-built lots, discover their likes and dislikes, then renovate the home to match. As you progress you’ll move from furnishing a room through adding a room, and even adding an entire floor.

You can choose the jobs and really see Sims appreciate your efforts. The pack also comes with some versatile modular furniture including sofas, storage and a new kitchen. The pack has a few issues in places preventing it from truly rising to the top but it’s a very solid investment.

4 Tiny Living Stuff

The Sims 4 floor plan for tiny living home

Tiny Living is also a pack made for builders. It introduces a new type of lot, Tiny Living Residential, that offers bonuses depending on the footprint of your Sim’s house. The pack also contains a wide range of versatile furniture.

Anyone who has embraced making small houses will love this pack, and the items also match nicely with others due to their small, space-saving nature. An extra bonus is the return of the much loved Murphy Bed, complete with a potentially fatal mechanism.

3 Island Living

Island Living offers a beautiful new way to build and a wide range of exotic items to do it with. The new foundations and mechanics of the island mean you can build houses that extend over the water.

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This pack forces you to mix things up and offers new styles of items and new ways to use them. The included builds are great for ideas and the whole pack will push you out of your comfort zone and into the paradise of Sulani.

2 Eco Lifestyle

sims 4 eco lifestyle recycler recycling maker space candle making crafting

The Eco Lifestyle pack may not seem like a choice for builders but thanks to the world mechanics, dumpster diving, and fabricating, it’s a haven of build and buy items.

With the pack comes a range of beautiful basics. These include some unique and versatile shelving units, flooring, and wall options. There are also several furniture basics alongside the green energy items, ladders, and of course container build options.

The bonus is dumpster diving and fabricating. Both of these yield several extra items. Dumpsters offer a range of throwback furniture and fabricated items include chairs, bookshelves, sofas, dressers, and more.