Binghamton furniture company Kroehler Manufacturing: why it failed

In my earliest reminiscences, I can recall my brother and I jumping from the residing place couch to the matching chair a number of toes away. 

Initial of all, our mom would, as quickly as her toes could carry her to that place, yell and chide and inform us to cease. Second, we would hear for a moment and then consider it once again, only to get sent to our home where we most likely acquired into extra issues. Third, astonishingly, that dwelling space set held up to the abuse that we gave it.

That was, possibly, due to the fact it was made in Binghamton by Kroehler Production. I have made point out in past columns that Binghamton at the time period all around 1900 had extra than 20 corporations involved in the manufacture of home furniture. The ample lumber supply, sufficient labor force and great transportation built it an superb sector for the development of this field.