Common roofing materials in the Philippines

Common roofing materials in the Philippines

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SHELTER is thought of 1 of the simple needs of an specific. But to be regarded as a shelter, it needs to have at minimum a roof. When several put up roofs to deliver protection from the features, many others incorporate aesthetics if they can pay for it. If you are setting up to create a home or exchange your roof with a little something much better, below are 5 of the typical resources made use of in roofing.


This is possibly the most popular roofing substance utilized in the Philippines. The most common of them all is aluminum or galvanized iron (yero), which is also recognised as GI sheets. If there is a person edge steel has over many others, it is life expectancy. It can endure the features and maintain up to wear and tear concerning 40 and 80 yrs. Aesthetically speaking, steel roofs have endured but are more and more getting much better built. They can even be shaped to appear like other roofing components. Yet another benefit they have is they are also reduced-upkeep, which can increase the attractiveness to new house-customers. Building staff normally use sealant to shut gaps to prevent leaks for the duration of wet weather.

In conditions of design, steel roofs have to have a distinctive established of abilities to be put in. As with any other content, it is vital to have it put in thoroughly. In advance of you dedicate to steel roofing and a roofing company, check out that the company has practical experience in putting in steel roofing. Improper installation could lead to problems, these kinds of as leaks, when it rains.

Metal is the most popular material used in roofing. It can be shaped into different appearances and is very affordable.

Metal is the most popular material employed in roofing. It can be formed into different appearances and is extremely inexpensive.


In lieu of metallic, there are plastic variations of GI sheets that are also readily available, usually manufactured of polyurethane, fiberglass, polyester and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They have the glimpse and appearance of GI sheets. Just one edge they have over steel sheets is they are resistant to corrosion however they may possibly get brittle around a long time period of time. Clear or translucent types provide as a kind of skylight. In some circumstances, they are made use of in combination with metallic or asphalt roofs by forming a “sandwich” to deliver insulation from heat.

Wood for roofing

Wooden is shaped into tile-like pieces named shingles. This product has the edge in aesthetics. In simple fact, obtaining wooden shingles may possibly boost the house value of the home as it provides it a lot more enchantment.

The disadvantage is wood shingles are additional costly and involve a bit far more maintenance. They do have a far better existence expectancy of 30 many years which, in some situations, might assist to offset the cost as a replacement may possibly not be wanted as soon, in particular if you plan to have the home prolonged expression.

Getting natural, wood shingles are vulnerable to moss and plant expansion and will need periodic cleansing and routine maintenance.

Also, wooden roofing is not advised to be used in fireplace-inclined or exceptionally busy parts unless it is handled with fire-resistant coating. Extra frequently, wooden roofs are ideal for households close to the sea or as a separate storage household job and other capabilities.

Besides metal, other materials are considered in roofing in the Philippines such as wood and asphalt.

Moreover steel, other components are considered in roofing in the Philippines these as wood and asphalt.


When just one thinks of asphalt, it is normally applied for streets. Nonetheless, it is also utilised as a roofing material as properly. They come in different sorts — 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles and luxury shingles. Each and every has its distinctive use regardless of being created of the exact same material.

The pros of asphalt roofing are that they are sturdy, very affordable, fireplace-resistant (when bolstered with fiberglass) and simple to make small repairs.

As for disadvantage, it has a shorter lifespan (15-30 decades) and might be prone to injury from extreme temperature and throughout stormy weather when winds are incredibly sturdy. In addition, when eye-catching, it is not sustainable.

With a variety of resources to opt for from, in this article are tips to assistance you make the ideal selections.

Firstly, toughness need to be the to start with point in thoughts. Find the a person that will very last more time and can stand up to the features. This also assists decrease the cost of installation and reduce the inconvenience not only in the construction/reinstallation but also the damages incurred.

Next, think about also the possible issues. Major roofing materials are impractical since the structure of the house could not be built to bear excessive excess weight. If that is the circumstance, then there will be a will need to restructure the framing and renovate the home, which would necessarily mean additional expenditures, inconvenience and mess.

Eventually, in stating the noticeable — the price tag. Usually, the higher the price of the product, the larger is the cost of labor so decide on the most inexpensive roofing materials to get more financial savings equally in the materials and installation.

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