Couch alternatives to show you don’t always need a sofa

The couch is seen as a bit of a main player in the home. Like the dining table, the bed, the kitchen countertops, it’s an element of a house that sees a lot of traffic and you can’t really imagine a home without one. But, a sofa can be a bulky piece of kit, and if you are tight on space, forgoing a sofa can free up valuable square footage. So we are here to persuade you, not every living room needs a sofa, there are some fabulous couch alternatives out there that still add all that comfort and coziness but take up less physical and visual space.

And if room isn’t really a problem for you, there’s still plenty here to get you inspired. Because even if you have acres of space, a couple of armchairs or a chaise lounge, or a space-saving built-in number can look far chicer than a classic sofa. Still need convincing? Let the experts prove to you why ditching a sofa (or mixing and matching) is potentially the best design decision for your home… 

14 ingenius sofa alternatives