Fmr Cuts Stake in Beacon Roofing Supply (BECN)

Fmr Cuts Stake in Beacon Roofing Supply (BECN)

Fintel reports that Fmr
has filed a 13G/A form
with the SEC disclosing ownership of
shares of Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. (BECN).

This represents 9.925{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} of the company.

In their previous filing dated February 9, 2022
they reported 8.67MM shares and 12.37{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} of the company,
a decrease in shares of 25.55{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}
a decrease in total ownership of
(calculated as current – previous percent ownership).

Analyst Price Forecast Suggests 19.15{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} Upside

As of February 8, 2023,
the average one-year price target for Beacon Roofing Supply is $71.09.
The forecasts range from a low of $52.52 to a high of $95.55.
The average price target represents an increase of 19.15{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} from its latest reported closing price of $59.66.

The projected annual revenue for Beacon Roofing Supply
is $8,621MM, an increase of 2.46{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

The projected annual EPS
is $6.25, an increase of 7.04{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

What is the Fund Sentiment?

There are 508 funds or institutions reporting positions in Beacon Roofing Supply.

This is a decrease
owner(s) or 2.68{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} in the last quarter.

Average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to BECN is 0.26{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7},
a decrease
of 2.85{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

Total shares owned by institutions decreased
in the last three months by 2.51{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} to 74,277K shares.

The put/call ratio of BECN is 0.73, indicating a


What are large shareholders doing?

BECN / Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. Ownership

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
holds 14,983K shares

representing 23.03{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 14,878K shares, representing
an increase
of 0.70{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in BECN by 34.33{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} over the last quarter.

T. Rowe Price Investment Management
holds 3,712K shares

representing 5.70{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} ownership of the company.

American Century Companies
holds 2,374K shares

representing 3.65{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 3,148K shares, representing
a decrease
of 32.56{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in BECN by 13.53{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} over the last quarter.

Fiduciary Management
holds 1,795K shares

representing 2.76{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 1,723K shares, representing
an increase
of 4.01{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in BECN by 23.51{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} over the last quarter.

Frontier Capital Management Co
holds 1,763K shares

representing 2.71{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 1,690K shares, representing
an increase
of 4.15{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in BECN by 13.20{7e5ff73c23cd1cd7ac587f9048f78b3ced175b09520fe5fee10055eb3132dce7} over the last quarter.

Beacon Roofing Supply Background Information
(This description is provided by the company.)

Founded in 1928, Beacon is a Fortune 500, publicly traded distributor of roofing materials and complementary building products in North America, operating over 400 branches throughout all 50 states in the U.S. and 6 provinces in Canada. Beacon serves an extensive base of over 90,000 customers, utilizing its vast branch network and diverse service offerings to provide high-quality products and support throughout the entire business lifecycle. Beacon offers its own private label brand, TRI-BUILT, and has a proprietary digital account management suite, Beacon PRO+, which allows customers to manage their businesses online.

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