Four bears euthanized after frequenting residential properties

Four bears euthanized after frequenting residential properties

Four bears – two grizzlies and two black bears – have been euthanized in June 2022, thanks to “problems at residential attributes,” in accordance to a information release from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

On June 23, FWP employees captured and euthanized a woman grizzly bear south of Libby in the Silver Butte space. The bear, approximated to be 3.5 several years previous, was initially captured in summer time 2021 after killing unsecured chickens in Whitefish and was then relocated to an location near Marias Pass. Inside two times, the bear traveled additional than 10 miles to a home in the vicinity of the first conflict web-site in which it killed chickens, tried to discover the home’s porch, and was sprayed with bear spray. The bear also returned to the original web-site, where it continued to clearly show fascination in the hen coop, which was now secured. The choice was created to euthanize the bear in consultation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Support and by Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee suggestions.

“This bear traveled from the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem to the Cupboard-Yaak Ecosystem. We want bears to journey amongst both of those ecosystems simply because it’s fantastic for recovery in the Cupboard-Yaak and excellent for the extended-term wellbeing of both of those populations,” claimed Kim Annis, FWP bear management professional. “But these bears will not be effective if they get into conflict with unsecured foods attractants, like smaller livestock.”

On June 22, FWP captured and euthanized a male black bear in the vicinity of Swan Lake. The bear, approximated to be two years previous, was previously captured north of Columbia Falls just after ingesting chickens on household assets. The bear was moved into a distant area of the forest but began approaching residences and breaking into unattended structures, which includes a household. The bear was foodstuff conditioned and habituated to persons.

On June 27, FWP captured and euthanized a male grizzly bear in close proximity to Lake Blaine north of Creston. The bear was originally captured in the vicinity of Vaughn and moved to the Marias Move spot earlier this spring. The bear, a yearling, traveled throughout the Flathead Selection, swam across Hungry Horse Reservoir and began frequenting household properties along Lake Blaine, accessing garbage and rooster coops. Thanks to its food stuff conditioning, FWP euthanized the bear in session with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Provider.

On June 29, FWP captured and euthanized a female black bear that was frequenting household properties off Blanchard Lake in the vicinity of Whitefish. The bear, estimated to be 6 a long time old, appeared to have health and fitness concerns associated to tumors in its mouth and was acquiring into household garbage cans.

Bear action is expanding throughout the point out. Farmers, ranchers, home owners and outdoor recreationists should be well prepared to encounter bears anywhere in western Montana as their populace and selection carries on to extend. Below are some standard suggestions to keep away from conflicts in agricultural locations:

  • Grizzly bears can be deterred from places close to homes working with USFWS suggestions for hazing grizzly bears, found here []. This can help enhance bears’ worry of people. 
  • Location tarps under loaders when transferring grain to reduce spills. 
  • Dispose of aged grain via sanitation products and services, burning or dumping absent from men and women, buildings and livestock. 
  • Dispose of carcasses and afterbirth by means of sanitation companies, inside an electrified boneyard or by distributing absent from persons, buildings and livestock.
  • If doable, secure domestic animals in an electric powered fence when unattended by persons or at night. This incorporates poultry, goats, sheep or rabbits.
  • Area creep feeders, molasses and mineral blocks in open up places where humans and livestock can quickly look at the space in advance of entering. 
  • Really don’t feed animals outside and safe any pet or livestock feed in a protected developing.
  • Remove hen feeders from April by way of November.
  • Really do not permit grizzly bears linger in proximity of your residence or other structures because this can lead to habituation. Contact an FWP professional to assistance prevent bears if you are not at ease or able to do so. 
  • Notify your neighbors if you see a grizzly bear in the place to aid make many others conscious. 
  • Domestic fruit really should be picked as soon as achievable, and any fallen fruit removed. 
  • Individuals are urged to “Be Bear Aware” when operating or recreating outside the house by adhering to precautionary techniques to avert conflicts, like carrying bear spray and recognizing how to use it, and touring in groups while generating sounds. 

For additional facts on living, performing and recreating in Montana’s bear region, pay a visit to the FWP Bear Mindful internet site.