Garcelle Beauvais’ New Home Collection With HSN

As an actress, model and author, you may know Garcelle Beauvais for her iconic role as Francesca on the 1996 sitcom, The Jamie Fox Show. You’ve likely even seen her co-hosting on The Real or as the main character on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As Beauvais continues to dive into different parts of the industry, she’s officially entered the world of home decor with her first-ever home collection for HSN, Garcelle at Home. Featuring vibrant designs, bold textures and tropical prints, the collection is in partnership with HSN’s Design Development and Global Sourcing (DDGS) team and is exclusively available on, starting July 13.

“I feel like it’s a dream come true,” Beauvais tells Good Housekeeping. “I’ve been obsessed with interior design and home decor forever, and just to be able to now say my collection, Garcelle at Home, is out is incredible.” When it came to her line’s aesthetic, Beauvais wanted to create a “modern, tropical vibe.” With prices starting as low as $16.95, some of her favorite obsessions include the sea grass wall hangings — a handcrafted three-piece set that comes in peaceful papaya and rustic tin — and the two reversible pillows (one featuring a black and white peace lily, while the other showcases a pineapple with tassels). You’ll love decorating your space with the fringe cotton stripe throws and faux banana tree (a plant Beauvais felt should be included after seeing them growing up in Haiti).

Courtesy of HSN

garcelle beauvais garcelle at home collection with hsn

Courtesy of HSN

While the items are perfect for summer, they’re also appropriate for year-round. “You want to feel like you’re away when you’re at home,” Beauvais says. ” You want to feel like you’re zen and that you’re in a tropical space.”

When it came to the overall process, Beauvais was hands-on throughout. She would send HSN her inspirations (many being based on her island roots), and choose the softness and texture of her pieces — especially when it came to the weight and feel of the comforters. (Bonus: they come in a set of three and are reversible).

“I really wanted it to be effortless chic,” Beauvais says. “When people come to my home, I want it to be an extension of me and I want you to be able to relax, have a drink or some food and just hang out.” Think: comfort, ease and breeziness (not to mention affordability).

As summer passes, Beauvais notices an increase in earthy textures and bold colors — one of the reasons for her collection’s style. “People are experimenting more nowadays,” Beauvais says. But there’s also room to experiment with small doses of color in your home. “You don’t have to use all the color in one place,” she notes. “You can use one of the candles with one of the wall decor items or one of the comforters and then offset it with a candle (specifically one of her flameless sets).” The combinations are almost endless.

So if you’re looking to make your home a relaxing escape, shop the Garcelle at Home collection exclusively on HSN. Don’t take too long, though. These pieces will surely be the showstoppers of the season.

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