How to get rid of raccoons: humane, expert methods, plus smells they hate

Visits from raccoons are a nightly prevalence for lots of of us, and while they are sweet-seeking, assuming you ever get to place them, they can be hell to reside along with, noisily upending trash cans in the look for for foods, wreaking havoc in the garden, ruining the lawn, annoying animals, ingesting foods you go away out for back garden birds, generating off with domestic chickens, and even damaging the cloth of your house. 

If these indications usually are not ample of a clue that you have an infestation, you may spot their tracks on moist ground or their dark-coloured, cylindrical-shaped droppings. And you may well have been woken by their nightly noises, which in switch will have no question woken your puppy, and possibly the entire neighborhood.