How To Unlock A Player House And Garden In My Time On Frog Island

How To Unlock A Player House And Garden In My Time On Frog Island

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After finding yourself stranded in Time on Frog Island, you’ll spend most of your time working to replace the broken parts of your boat so you can set sail again. However, there are plenty of other things you can get up to on the island, including getting your own home.

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So how exactly do you get yourself a fancy abode? You’ll need a little help from your new froggy neighbors, but first, you’ll need to help them before they will help you. To get your very own house, you first need to help the Carpenter, while to get your vegetable plot, you need to help the Farmer. Here’s everything you need to know.

How To Help The Carpenter

First, you need to find the Carpenter, he’s the unhappy chappy frog pictured above who wants to rebuild the bridge to West Island.


He wanders around quite a bit but can generally be found somewhere east of the village, and the reason for all his wandering is that he’s looking for his lost tools.

Where To Find The Saw

The first tool he is looking for is his saw, this can be found in a clearing to the northwest of the farm.

Deliver the saw to the Carpenter and he can be found the next day happily chopping down some trees near the secret cave just east of his house.

Where To Find The Hammer

The day after that, find him again and this time, he’ll be looking for his hammer.

It can be found beside the bench at the southeast point of the main island, south of the Carpenter’s house.

Take the hammer back to the Carpenter and then wait another day, and you’ll find the Carpenter working on the bridge to the west of the village.

It’ll take a few days for him to finish the bridge, after which you can go and explore West Island.

How To Buy A House

Once the Carpenter has built the bridge, you can find him hanging around the stone foundations of an unbuilt home just east of your campsite.

Speak to him and he will ask for one gold coin to start building your house. Vist him again the next day, and he’ll ask for another to build the next stage.

In total, he’ll ask for three coins (one a day) and then your home will be finished.

How To Get Gold Coins

To get gold coins, you need to trade with the Merchant once their stall is open. They will ask for a certain type of item and delivering that item will get you one gold coin.

If you’re struggling to get the item they need, wait a few days and the Merchant will ask for something else.

Here’s a guide to some items the Merchant may ask for.

Item Where To Get It
  • Green: From the fruit trees near the grubs.
  • Red: From the farm or the fruit trees near the grubs.
Brew You can brew different types of drinks in the tavern by mixing two items together.
Dodo Egg West Island dodo nest area – the dodos will run at you and make you drop it when you take one, at which point they break.
Feather West Island dodo nest area.
Fruit (Various) You can get various fruit from the farm. From the second day onwards, crows will be beiseiging the farm, so you either have to grab the fruit on a rainy day (when there are no crows) or find the scarecrow heads for the Farmer.

You can also grow your own fruit in the plot beside your home, which unlocks after you help the Farmer to find all of the scarecrow heads.

Glowing Blue Orb In the mountains above the frog village (past the Hermit) in the southern edge of the brown dusty area.
Honeycomb Break one of the hives found all over the island.
Pearl Found in some clamshells, but it’s random whether one will be inside.
Sunflower East Island on sunny days.
Wet Flowers East Island on rainy days.

The Merchant will not open their stall until you complete their quest line. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

How To Help The Farmer

You can find the farm a little north of your campsite on the beach, and from the second day onwards, you’ll find the poor guy plagued by crows eating his produce because someone has stolen all of his scarecrow heads.

Where To Find The First Scarecrow Head

You can find the first scarecrow head to the south of East Island. This is the island to the east of the main island, if you are struggling to find it, you can find exact directions here.

Where To Find The Second Scarecrow Head

The second scarecrow head can be found in the guarded area where the Chief resides.

To get in there, you first have to complete an errand for the guard and take love letters between them and the artist, after which he will leave his post.

This request is part of the Fisherman’s quest line where he asks you to get him a feather. You can find more details on this here.

Where To Find The Third Scarecrow Head

The third scarecrow head is with the Diva in the frog village, in fact, you can see her eyeing up one of the scarecrows in the farm on your first day.

When you ask her for the scarecrow head, she will ask you for a certain item. However, when you attempt to deliver the requested item, she will ask for a different one. The solution is to pre-empt her next request and deliver that instead.

If She Asks For: Give Her: Location:
Ring Honeycomb Break one of the hives found on trees.
Honeycomb Pearl Break clams on the shoreline and you have a chance of receiving a pearl.
Pearl Ring Purchase from the Merchant for one gold coin. (Their store opens once you complete their quest line.)

Getting Your Own Vegetable Plot

Once you have returned all of the scarecrow heads, speak to the farmer and he will be happy that you got rid of all the crows.

After that he will walk down to the garden plot beside the player house, just east of your main campsite on the beach, and begin to tend the plots.

Speak to him and he will explain that if you plant something in the plots, wait until the next day and it will have grown.

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