Know why these living room trends should be done away with | Lifestyle Decor

Know why these living room trends should be done away with | Lifestyle Decor

New Delhi: The living room is where people relax, socialise and create memories. The living room is usually considered the ‘heart’ of the house. It is the primary setting for family and friends to get together and serves multiple purposes.

Furthermore, the aesthetics and ambience of the entire house can be significantly influenced by the design and decor of the living room. The furniture, decor pieces, and colour palette all establish the ideal ambience. A well-planned living room can increase the comfort and cosiness of the entire house, while a poorly designed one can make the house look unwelcoming.

No one can deny that any well-designed room’s inherent beauty is enough to prove that interior design is a form of art. Yet, a few things need to be solved while deciding on the interiors. Here are some trends to avoid while designing your living room suggested by Pratibha Batra, Founder & Ace Designer at Maison Interiors.

Selecting inappropriate furniture size-wise

Naturally, furniture significantly impacts how your living space looks and feels. But putting away the appearance and feel, the size should be your top priority. After all, furniture that is too small will draw attention to space and give the impression that your living room is vacant, while furniture that is too huge will make the area feel crowded.

Not just the furniture but also the size of your carpeting or drapes may have a big impact on how a space is perceived as being. As a result, to achieve the ideal balance, measure the space and your furniture.

Furniture fixed to the wall

A room feels airy and light when spaces separate furniture and walls. The room can breathe and appears larger with a good plan that emphasizes the seating area and provides walkways around it. If your living room is small, try creating a space separation between the sofa and the wall with a moving shelf or console table.

One source of light

Your living room should ideally be bathed in sunlight. But what occurs if you’re not as fortunate or if night falls?

Having single light in your living room is one of the most common errors in living room decor. To undo it, arrange several lights to create a layered, homogenous appearance. In order to make a dramatic visual treat, include overhead, floor, table lamps, spotlights, pendant lights, etc.

The wrong scale of art

Art may be intimidating and very stunning when it is hanging. Regrettably, this is also the reason why errors are often obvious. Choosing the wrong size is the first error several interior designers make. Don’t let size frighten you! Almost often, bigger is better. While a large piece of art might become the room’s centre point, small artwork can look foolish.

If you wish to add more than one component, play around with the scale and placement until you find one that appears balanced. Keep in mind that eye level generally seems to be the most natural.

Metal and layers

People usually enjoy metallic details, but using too much metal in your interiors is not suggested.

A chrome floor lamp can seem stylish, but it looks terrible next to a chrome chandelier, chrome coffee table legs, and other accessories. Unless it is warm, like brass, too much metal can detract from a room’s warmth and make it sterile and cold. However, metals mixed with natural and organic materials like lines and jute can soften the rigid impression.