Measurement innovations help contractors and customers

Measurement innovations help contractors and customers

In the latest decades, even the most standard of crafts have been remodeled by the introduction of digital tools. Roofing, for instance, nevertheless requires muscle-taxing labor and hard-gained experience, but the introduction of digital roof measurement resources has assisted improve security, strengthen contractor/client communications, and streamline products purchasing.

In advance of roof measurement applications have been widely out there, a contractor experienced minor decision but to climb on to the roof with a tape evaluate just to get the estimate commenced. Each and every journey on to a roof has inherent hazards from climbing the ladder,power traces,and other unexpected issues. Of study course, measuring by hand also signifies carving time out of an employee’s working day — time that could be invested putting in a roof, creating an estimate, or even acquiring home in time for meal.

Nowadays, as shortly as a contractor has a lead on a property needing their companies, they can get a electronic roof measurement, and use it to put together an estimate from the convenience of the business or the street. No unwanted ladder-climbing. No have to have to timetable a house go to.

This can enable help you save time, money, and effort and hard work for the roofer, and clarifies why satellite- and drone-primarily based measurement products and services have exploded all over the market. What does this search like from the point of view of your consumer, the property operator? Let’s aim on a usual home-owner and see how their roofing expertise adjustments with the introduction of a device like GAF QuickMeasure stories.

Linda’s house has been strike by a poor hail and wind storm. She wants a roofer — and a new roof — stat. The challenge is, she operates comprehensive time, and simply cannot take time off to fulfill roofers at her household. When she phone calls Bob for an estimate, he basically orders a QuickMeasure report (for a good deal significantly less than his individual hourly level — get-get) and has all the proportions he wants to develop an estimate in an hour. No go to. No ladders. No stress for Linda.

When Bob e-mails Linda the estimate that afternoon, it incorporates photographs and a 3D rendering of Linda’s house, so she gets a crystal clear image of what demands to be done. And considering the fact that Bob bought a complete monthly bill of products with his QuickMeasure report, Linda receives an estimate dependent on recent materials expenditures. That suggests less surprises down the line. And lastly, when Bob and Linda do satisfy to opt for roofing materials, Bob can use the 3D rendering interactively to assistance Linda “try on” different roof kinds and colours and see what they would glance like on her true household.

Of training course, innovations like GAF QuickMeasure aren’t restricted to residential houses. The similar substantial-resolution technological know-how is serving to industrial roofing contractors to make estimates on intricate buildings like office environment parks, warehouses, factories, and far more, with precision. In the competitive roofing marketplace, time and labor are important property. Roof measurement innovations like GAF QuickMeasure are supporting roofers enhance each. Purchase your first report these days at