Overson: 5 signs you may have roof damage

Overson: 5 signs you may have roof damage

By Pat Overson | Proprietor of Overson Roofing in Mesa

Householders must recognize the value of owning and sustaining a reliable roof. The roof is just one of the most vital areas of the dwelling as it shields from the things, keeps the residence warm and protects those residing within just from falling debris. Holding an eye on the roof and examining it periodically for any symptoms of destruction is essential in earning it past as prolonged as attainable. Through my over 3 a long time in the roof repair service marketplace in the Valley here are a couple of the key places I inform home owners to check for when it will come to roof problems.

Sagging ceilings

At initially a sagging ceiling may perhaps not appear like significantly of an challenge, but it is a indicator the roof is leaking resulting in humidity construct up within just the ceiling. When a sagging ceiling seems look at it by touching it with your hand. If the space feels like wet cardboard or soft, moisture may perhaps be developing up. Homeowners really should by no means overlook a sagging ceiling. After a sagging ceiling is identified get hold of a skilled to have the region fixed as quickly as feasible to avert even more leakage and costly repairs.

Dark streaks

Stains on the partitions and ceiling show moisture is setting up up because of to a leak in the roof. Moisture from roof leaks seep into the partitions and ceiling substance resulting in stains or dim streaks. Home owners might not discover dripping leaks inside the walls but stains increasing on the partitions implies water is seeping as a result of the roofing material into the residence. If stains are showing up on walls and the ceiling, get in touch with a roofer as the dampness develop up can direct to high priced repairs if left unattended.

Getting old roof

Modern roofs can final for many years. Dependent on the material roofs final for various time frames prior to needing changed. Most households in Arizona possibly have clay tiles or asphalt shingles. Clay tile roofs can last up to 50 decades whereas asphalt roofs typically past involving 20 and 30 decades. When obtaining a household usually talk to about the roof’s age. This will let the homeowner know if repairs may perhaps be needed shortly.

Broken or missing tiles/shingles

Missing shingles and roof tiles are normally a worry for owners. At the time this materials flies off the roof or will become weakened the underlayment will become exposed. Once the underlayment is uncovered this place of the roof is susceptible to humidity develop up that can seep into the residence. Check the roof for lacking tiles and shingles at the very least once each and every 3 months, and right after storms or large winds. If there is any injury to the tiles and shingles, get hold of a skilled roofer for repairs before the damage gets any even worse.


The most clear signals a roof has injury are leaks. Homeowners must fully grasp that just for the reason that a roof is leaking you might not need to have a total roof substitution that can cost tens of countless numbers of bucks. Typically leaks arise mainly because of underlayment, tile and shingle destruction. A specialist roofer can correct these spots by replacing products and hurt to the location.

Other popular triggers of leaks incorporate aged roofing material and storm injury. Sad to say, owners will not know the option to the concern until a complete inspection is done by a skilled. If a home owner arrives across a leak in the roof, they must speak to a skilled as quickly as attainable for inspection. Seek out out several roofing contractors for distinct thoughts ahead of determining on a course of action.

If your home’s roof has any indicator of harm or is acquiring up there in age it is crucial to call a expert roofer instantly for repairs. The for a longer period you wait the more damage can be finished ensuing in larger fix fees or even substitute of the roof.

Pat Overson is the operator of Overson Roofing in Mesa. Overson Roofing has served its clientele for a lot more than 30 many years. The enterprise won the Improved Business enterprise Bureau Torch Award for ethics in 2016.