The Couch Cover Deserves a Rebrand

The Couch Cover Deserves a Rebrand

For as prolonged as I have been residing and respiratory, a couch deal with has never ever ranked substantial on my record of product desires. This is largely simply because acting important about practical objects is pointless to me, but let us encounter it: The majority of couch handles are ugly AF. (Even though I enjoy floral prints as substantially as the next human being, it is not precisely the statement I want my home furnishings to be earning.) Some of my earliest childhood memories contain temporary encounters with couch sets coated in plastic, gathering dust in a stuffy living space that my playmates and I have been forbidden from occupying. This precaution felt so excessive to me that I vowed to under no circumstances come to be a single of those aunties with the sofa that crunches when sit on.

But as 2022 arrived to a close, I found the emergence of a quiet existence as I scrolled on Instagram: couch handles that had been truly classy. From couches draped in sheets to slipcovered chairs and sofas, the gradual shift towards investing in a sofa go over produced me speculate if this may well be the millennial version of plastic on the sofa. I made use of to roll my eyes at the idea of masking a sofa, but now that I have the sofa of my dreams I sense compelled to guard it at all costs—eight months have passed and I refuse to permit anybody to sit on it without the need of a throw blanket. (I however haven’t lived down the working day soon after my “couch warming” when my eyes deceived me into wondering that shadows from the sunshine had been stains from the night time just before.) I’ve nonetheless to uncover a couch doily that satisfies my expectations and is also substantial adequate to go over the entire surface of my two-seater couch.

Within Laura Reilly’s elegant household in Brooklyn, a bouclé sofa is draped in a Tekla linen duvet go over.

Picture: Laura Reilly

Beyoncé designed a powerful case for plastic off the sofa, but I won’t be satisfied until finally I have a stylish sofa address in my possession. And the real truth is, in spite of seeing a number of outliers on my social feeds, they are in limited provide within the immediate-to-buyer marketplace. So I achieved out to an specialist to place me in the proper route. If you’re caught in a pinch, style editor Laura Reilly very endorses a linen quilt cover from Tekla—technically it’s for beds, but she swears it is truly worth the splurge after using it on her bouclé couch, and is “regrettably thinking about a 2nd one” to tastefully conceal her other parts of home furnishings. (One more professional suggestion from Laura: “During spells when we’re not hosting substantially, I’ll move it above to our queen-sized mattress, the place it also appears to be dangerously fantastic.”)

“I’d always cherished the search of home furniture draped in huge white reams of material, like in that scene in Jumanji wherever they revisit the deserted manor,” Laura clarifies in an email. “I experimented with to obtain that mysterious, intimate seem with linen and cotton best sheets, but both of those were too skinny and finished up hunting like a dorm room sleepover. The linen Tekla one has a good, heavy drape and fully covers the sofa from idea to tail, pooling elegantly on the base.”