Wallpaper’s top 10 furniture launches of 2022

Wallpaper’s top 10 furniture launches of 2022

Wallpaper* design editor Rosa Bertoli selects her top 10 furniture launches of 2022, a year packed with design weeks, fairs and events. From brand launches to new collaborations, from the office to the outdoors, we highlight the colourful, the clever and the classic. Scroll down for the year’s best furniture debuts (in no particular order). 


01. OMA’s office furniture for UniFor

Office furniture by OMA for the Axel Springer Campus

(Image credit: Studio Amos Fricke)

In 2014, German publishing behemoth Axel Springer selected OMA to design its new Berlin HQ, with a view to creating working environments that ‘support the cultural transformation towards a digital publishing house’. The custom furnishings for the project, produced by Italian office furniture specialist UniFor (part of Molteni Group) consider new methods of collaborative work, taking into account different team sizes and uses of space, and devised a multilevel open-plan set-up, with dynamic clusters of desks and breakout areas with partitions, sofas and workstations. The collection is an evolution of OMA’s work on the more informal areas of the Axel Springer Campus. It consists of over 100 elements divided by size and typology, which lend themselves to many configurations. Among the key pieces, explains Barone, are the ‘Tables’, ranging in size from 0.1 to six sq m and defined by a double-deck tabletop.