What Is The Best Type Of Roof

What Is The Best Type Of Roof

When it will come to the roof of their residence, every home-owner would like the similar items. They want their new roof to face up to the components, previous the longest, supply the greatest worth for money — oh, and wanting pleasant wouldn’t harm, both. But although the aims are the exact same, there are a large amount of distinctive roofing materials available, from time-honored slate to new fangled solar.

Every materials has its added benefits and downsides, and based on the dimensions, type and location of your home, a single possibility may well be far better than the other people. Here’s a guidebook to the most frequent roofing resources — and what to take into consideration, regardless of whether you’re setting up a new roof or replacing an old one particular.

What are the distinct kinds of roofs?

The pursuing are some of the most frequent elements for roofs. Commonly, when we converse about roof variety, we’re referring to the material that includes its masking, which basically is composed of person parts called shingles, tiles or panels.


Because of their affordability, ease of installation, and performance, asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing product in the U.S. They are lightweight, can be reduce to suit any kind of roof, and really don’t involve any particular tools for set up. Typically, asphalt tends to conduct better in temperate climates and can crack in excessive temperatures. For the reason that it is gentle, asphalt is also much more inclined to destruction and wind uplift. As a consequence, asphalt shingles really don’t final as long as some other roof components.


Clay is one of the oldest roofing components — tiles can even be found on properties that are countless numbers of years aged. Clay tiles are climate-resistant and very low-maintenance, offering outstanding insulation to control the temperature within the residence. But all these rewards make clay tiles appreciably more high-priced than asphalt, and due to the fact they are heavy, selected houses could have to have further framing to assistance the excess weight of a clay-tile roof.


Price-productive, strong, and quickly customizable, concrete tiles are a common option to clay. They are mounted and purpose similarly: Concrete is difficult plenty of to survive the components, calls for minimal upkeep, and can past for many generations. Nevertheless, like clay, concrete is hefty and some roofs could need to have to be reinforced if you are switching to it from a lighter material. Also, concrete can get brittle, cracking under impression in serious cold. (The identical trouble afflicts concrete driveways).


Another roof with a very long lifespan is metal. Be it steel, aluminum, or copper, metal roofs are strong, electrical power-economical, eco-welcoming, and classy adequate to include to the control charm of the property. They are strong adequate to resist large rain, snow, and winds, do not crack in serious heat, and can even be set up in excess of an current roof. But steel roofs are not with no their downsides.They are noisy, can turn out to be dented beneath effects, and they are also several occasions pricier than asphalt.


One particular of the most aesthetically pleasing roofs is slate. Due to the fact of its clean traces and traditional search, slate has been a popular roof alternative with property owners and architects down the ages. If you live in intense climes plagued by large winds, storms, and hail, slate is a robust, strong roof to resist the components and very last 100 many years or extended. It is also a the natural way transpiring substance, and therefore, eco-welcoming. The downsides? Slate is costlier to manufacture as properly as to put in. Slate also can make a heavy roof, with a one square weighing (100 sq. feet) 800 lbs or far more, and will set a sizeable load on the framework of the household.

Solar tiles

You have heard of solar panels — but how about an entire photo voltaic roof? An up-and-coming technologies, photo voltaic tiles or shingles can be integrated into an existing roof and incorporate type, efficiency, and power personal savings. Photo voltaic tiles are influence- and fireplace-resistant, appear in diverse shapes, provide UV protection, and can lend a distinctive glance to your house. However, mainly because solar tiles are this sort of a new invention, their longevity nonetheless stays to be witnessed. They could also be difficult to discover in some spots. And innovative engineering typically goes hand in hand with greater expenditures: Don’t be astonished if you are needed to commit $1,000 or extra for each square.


As with flooring, wooden usually has a vintage and elegant appear, specially with a household in any historic model. Redwood, cedar and pine are the most common varieties. They can be stained any coloration, but also age superbly — at minimum, in terms of visual appeal. In phrases of toughness, wooden can be trickier: It doesn’t accomplish nicely in perpetually moist climates and, when it can be prolonged-long lasting in dry weather conditions, it is highly flammable if not handled. Presented its limitations and significant maintenance, a wooden roof is high priced, especially if you opt for thicker shakes around shingles.

What do diverse roofs value?

Roofs are priced per square foot, with numbers normally quoted for every roofing sq.. Other components to incorporate in the overall value are labor expenses, design and style and dimension of the household, site, permits and licenses, accessibility to the roof, and structural challenges.

Roof rates and lifespans

Asphalt $100 – $150 15 – 30
Clay $800 – $1,800 75 – 100
Concrete $150 – $250 30 – 50
Metallic $120 – $900 50+
Slate $800 – $1,800 125 – 200
Solar $1,100 – $2,600 40 (believed)
Wood $250 – $600 15 – 30

Selecting the best roof

Aside from the cost and lifespan, what other criteria must you get when determining on the finest roof for your household?

If the content is major, like concrete or slate, the roof may require exclusive framing to guidance the bodyweight. That can be a complex business if you want to substitute an previous roof built of lighter things with a heavier 1.

Yet another essential element to take into account: the regional temperature. If you stay in a selected kind local climate, the roof should be in a position to face up to its attribute heat or cold or elements. Let historical past be your guide: There’s a explanation clay roofs have been traditional in warm southern regions, for case in point. Test if there are the hearth codes in your location and if the selected content adheres to them. Wooden may be forbidden in hearth-inclined zones.

Aesthetics are also essential, and if you want the roof to complement the relaxation of the home, it requires to be accessible in various colours. But you also want to decide how crucial authenticity is to you, if you have a historic property or just one in a particular model.

And eventually, there’s ongoing or potential costs. Some roofs, these types of as steel, do need specialized labor to mend. Usually, nevertheless, the types that involve much more outlay up entrance very last the longest, and have fewer maintenance fees.