Winterizing your home and garden ahead of Lubbock’s first freeze

Winterizing your home and garden ahead of Lubbock’s first freeze

LUBBOCK, Texas – With chilly temperatures rapidly approaching, it’s vital to put together your property and yard forward of time to steer clear of expensive destruction.

A number of gardening facilities have by now began to deliver their outdoor plants within to reduce damage from the temperature, and they recommend gardeners to do the same.

“We do have Tropicals out front of the front porch right here that we will be sending to a greenhouse soon nowadays so that they do get included and will be warm adequate for them,” stated Cynthia An Holland, Co-founder of Holland Gardens.

Bringing in out of doors crops can frequently instances carry in insects with them, so Holland Gardens recommends gardeners to decide on up insect repellant in advance of they deliver the plants in.

“We have to put together and that usually means bringing our crops in and in get to do that, we have to believe about what we’re going to do. So, when we deliver him in, we really don’t want to provide insects in, so we have various merchandise that you could spray to reduce the insects and to keep the tiny eggs from hatching,” claimed Cindy Pegues, Horticulturist at Holland Gardens. 

Laying a blanket or tarp on flower beds is also advisable as it can protect them from the factors and laying mulch down can add an added layer of warmth and defense. 

”In get to preserve them from really dying or obtaining too much complications in the wintertime, we’d like to drinking water them when we know it is heading to be seriously cold so if you’ll go exterior and enable your minimal hose down and drinking water genuinely, seriously effectively that will aid secure the roots at 32 degrees and if it’s 15 or 20 exterior that will tremendously strengthen their likelihood,” stated Pegues. 

Pegues states some gardeners have even used the holidays to their benefit, “I’ve read a ton of persons using Christmas lights that are heat and placing them up in fruit trees and retaining them from freezing that way.”

As for making ready your property, the metropolis of Lubbock recommends family members to prepare their residences in advance of the freeze.

They suggest shutting off irrigation techniques during freezing functions, having out of doors faucets covered with insulated addresses, and to trickle drinking water from your residence to decrease the tension if your pipes do freeze up.

For additional aid in winterizing your dwelling you can email [email protected]