45 Charming Ideas For Your Window Treatments

45 Charming Ideas For Your Window Treatments

When it comes to the windows in your home, you might love the outside view they offer, as well as the light they let in. At the same time, the window treatments you choose might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to putting together a new — or renovating an older — interior space. However, if you happen to be decorating a new home or want to give the rooms in your current home a fresh look, then you should definitely think about changing up whatever is currently adorning or covering your windows.

Without window treatments, your room can look bare, according to Forbes. It can also make it look like you simply haven’t taken the time or effort to fully decorate your home. Beyond that, the temperature in the space can become uncomfortable without window treatments to block out the hot sun in the summer as well as keep in the heat during colder seasons. As for what kind of window treatments to choose, you could opt for anything from classic curtains to eye-catching blinds and various kinds of shades and shutters not to mention pane treatments and a few other attractive options that you might not have considered but might absolutely love.

To get an idea of the kind of window coverings you could have in your home, be sure to check out these charming ideas for your window treatments.

1. Colorful boho curtains

Add a touch of artistic vibrancy to any room with colorful boho curtains. By using a collection of eye-catching patterns and a range of stunning shades, boho curtains like these full-length versions can stand out and be a main visual feature of the room or can be one piece of an overall style that embraces bold design.

2. Wispy curved curtains

Window treatments don’t have to be long, patterned, or colorful to make a big impact. This option certainly proves that with its wispy fabric that has gorgeous curves at the bottom. Thin enough to let the light through, you might want to pair these with blinds if you’d like to be able to block out the sun.

3. Provence-style valances

Add a sweet touch of French country charm to your home with Provence-style valances that boast both frills and a floral pattern. Just enough to cover the top of the window, valances may not provide plenty of privacy or keep light out, but they can be just what you need to capture the aesthetic you have in mind.

4. Orange and white decorative valences

If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of valances but aren’t into the French country vibe of the popular Provence-style, then you might prefer something that’s just as pretty but leans toward a contemporary look. These window treatments are flat panels with orange and white swoops, loops, and swirls that you may simply adore.

5. Regal curtains

Your home is your castle, as they say, and if you like the idea of living in a space that’s worthy of royalty — or is simply wonderfully elegant — then you might want to opt for regal curtains. Aim for an option that is both luxurious and refined to achieve both a look and feel that you will love.

6. Roman blinds

There are plenty of different kinds of blinds that you could use in your windows, including Roman blinds. Tucking under themselves in folds when pulled up with a string or cord thanks to neat pleats in the fabric, they’re a fabulous option if you want to be able to quickly expose your windows or cover them back up.

7. Thick curtains with thin blinds

Give yourself the option of having as little or as much light — and privacy — as you want by opting for both curtains and blinds. By using thicker curtains, you can completely close off the room from the outside world while thinner blinds will let in a bit of light but still give you needed privacy.

8. Light white tied curtains

These curtains are not only a lovely shade of white, but they’re also a light fabric that would suit a room you’d like to keep both bright and serene. Large loops at the top of the curtains hold them up with the help of a rod while the length of the fabric is tied back.

9. Wall-to-wall curtains

Your curtains can do more than just cover the windows in your home. If you want something both stylish and somewhat dramatic, then you can install curtains that reach from one wall to the other and completely cover both walls and windows. When the curtains are fully closed, you’ll feel like you’re tucked away in a hidden haven.

10. Dark wood slat blinds

By using dark wood slats that can easily be pulled up or let down, these blinds can make a stylish statement in whatever room they’re in. However, the slats happen to be on the slimmer side which means that the blinds aren’t too heavy or overwhelming in any way and could suit any number of aesthetics.

11. Sleek gray and white blinds

These blinds with thinner white fabric that are beautifully bright when the light passes through the translucent material are also both topped and anchored by thick gray strips in a modern design that’s fabulously sleek. Although this option is on the simpler side, it perfectly suits the relatively minimalist but oh-so polished space.

12. Oversized wooden slat blinds

When you opt for oversized blinds like these wood slat options that extend well above and below the windows as well as on either side, you won’t have to worry about measuring your windows precisely. As long as the blinds are significantly larger than your actual windows, then you’ll end up with a charmingly unique look.

13. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall black blinds

Don’t be afraid to let your blinds add drama to your room by choosing something that takes up as much space as possible. These beautiful floor-to-ceiling black blinds have been made to perfectly cover every inch of the windows. Raised and lowered as desired, the blinds would either fill the wall or almost disappear completely.

14. Light bamboo blinds

Bamboo is another material that is a fantastic option for furniture thanks to the fact that it can be light, strong, affordable, and super-stylish. For all of those same reasons, bamboo is also a great option when it comes to blinds. Perfect for a home with plenty of natural elements, they would also suit any warm aesthetic.

15. Polka dot curtain

The curtains you choose for your room can match other elements in the space while also standing out on its own by featuring a certain pattern. For instance, while the polka dots on this curtain are the same color as the furniture, walls, and art, the pattern itself allows the curtain to boast its own unique touch.

16. Wispy tied-back curtain

The blue color of the curtain that’s been used in this room is lovely, as is the way the light comes through the fabric. Beyond that, while it’s a single curtain that’s almost tucked away as well as tied back, it’s also quite lengthy and reaches from floor to ceiling which helps it make an impact.

17. Colorful stained glass

You don’t have to opt for curtains or blinds to add some flair to your windows. Instead, consider adding stained glass. While you might be lucky enough to find antique glass or have some custom-made, you can use easy and affordable faux stained glass as well. Beyond that, you can do the entire pane or just strips.

18. Denim blue Roman blind

This Roman blind features a denim blue color that’s cool, calming, and incredibly chic. While the design of the window treatment is straightforward, that means that it can cover the entire window without being overwhelming or making the space look cluttered. Beyond that, the thick fabric can completely block out the light when needed.

19. Lovely light ombre curtain

While you might not have imagined yourself ever falling in love with a curtain, this one might simply make you swoon. That’s thanks to the stunning teal color that starts off strong at the bottom of the curtain and then fades away toward the top of the thin fabric in a fantastic and trendy ombré effect.

20. White lace valance

Add a wonderfully delicate touch to the windows in your home with white lace valances. As pretty as anything else that’s made with lace, you could either opt for one that’s on the thinner side to let in the light or use a thicker lace-covered valance that offers a little more protection from the sun.

21. Short floral patterned curtains

Just long enough to match the length of the window in this home, these curtains, which are on the shorter side, still boast a lot of style. Along with matching hoops to hang them up and ties to hold them back, the curtains feature a white fabric with a blue floral design that’s absolutely delightful.

22. Stained glass and lined windows

If you would love to opt for stained glass window treatments but don’t want to completely block out the view, then you might want to consider simply filling the upper pane with a colorful addition. In this room, windows with crisscrossed muntin bars have also been used to achieve an enviably refined style.

23. Long sunny yellow curtains

If you want to add a touch of sunniness to your home even when you have the windows covered up, then you might want to choose yellow curtains for your room. While you could pick out something that’s dark and bright, these long sunny yellow curtains add a soft hint of color to the light space.

24. Fully frosted window panes

If stained glass is too ornate or colorful for your taste and you prefer something that leans more toward the minimalistic, then you might appreciate frosted window panes. Doing the same as stained glass by offering you privacy but still allowing light to pass through, it also features a look that’s both simple and yet super-stylish.

25. Classic cabin curtains

Whether you’re decorating a residence deep in the forest or just want your home in the city or suburbs to have the same vibe, you may be interested in classic cabin curtains. A little longer than the window itself to offer protection against both the light and the elements, these curtains boast a delicate red embroidered design.

26. Window treatments with matching details

Using both curtains and blinds in your windows can be a fabulous idea, especially if they feature matching details. Just take a peek at the horizontal brown lines that are used midway along these curtains which are the same color and thickness as the vertical lines used along the side of the blinds.

27. Stained glass and blinds

Stained glass can be a lovely way to add an artistic touch to your home, but it doesn’t always give you the privacy you need. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of stained glass. Simply pair it with blinds that won’t detract from the stained glass but will enhance it.

28. Retro floral curtains

If you’re into anything that has a retro look, then you might want to put old-school curtains up in your windows. While you could opt for shorter curtains if that would suit the room better, these longer curtains that have been paired with wispy white fabric have plenty of space to show off their retro floral design.

29. Thick vintage curtains with lines

Not everyone is into floral patterns even if they happen to like retro designs. If that sounds like you, then perhaps you’d prefer these curtains featuring green, blue, yellow, and tan lines that give the design a vintage look. Again paired with thin white curtains, the light color contrasts with the thicker, colorful material.

30. Alternating curtain arrangement

You don’t have to choose between two different colors that you adore when it comes to picking curtains. Instead, try out an alternating arrangement by hanging one color of curtain and then another to mix things up. In this case, things have been lightened by using white curtains which alternate in between light pink and navy blue.

31. Chic rattan curtains and valances

Rattan is a popular material when it comes to interior design, however, you might not have expected to come across charming rattan curtains. While this is an option that would suit pretty much any contemporary space, by hanging the curtains along with valances of the same material, this room achieves a comfortable yet chic look.

32. Contemporary canvas blinds

Canvas is another material that you might not associate with window treatments, however, these canvas blinds are an undeniably stylish choice. Made in a sleek and simple minimalistic design, the blinds enhance the room and let other aspects shine. Beyond that, the material of the blinds is thin enough to let through just a touch of light.

33. Cordless blinds

The cords that can be attached to blinds may look messy. They can also be dangerous, according to Today’s Parent. For both of those reasons, you could opt for cordless blinds. Instead of having a string to open or close the blind, this option has a bar in the middle that can be used to do the same.

34. Folding window privacy screens

Acting just like typical privacy screens that you might set up in a room, folding window screens are a unique and chic option when it comes to window treatments. Allowing you to close them up and pull them back just like curtains, window screens can be made of natural wood or feature fabulous fabric panels.

35. Interior window shutters

Window shutters are something that you normally expect to see on the outside of a home. However, you can try something different by installing interior window shutters. Just note that while they look amazing, you’ll just want to be sure you have enough space to swing them around when you want to open or close larger shutters.

36. Curtains with a wood beam

If you have wooden beams on the ceiling of your home or can add beams, then you could incorporate them into your window treatment. A beam near a window can be used the same way you use a valance. Install the curtain behind the beam and let the wood hide the top of the fabric.

37. Single wall-to-wall window blind

Having multiple windows or a full wall of windows doesn’t mean that you also have to have multiple blinds. If all of the windows are on one wall, then you could use a single large wall-to-wall blind that covers everything at once. You could also keep separate blinds attached so that they have the same effect.

38. Square-filled Scandinavian blinds

Boasting the serenely simple yet incredibly stylish look of Scandinavian design, these blinds feature a warm beige color that matches the light natural wood details in the room. On top of that, the blinds are filled with vertical lines of small frosted squares that let a little light through when the blinds are pulled down.

39. Contemporary lace-like curtains

If you were to take a lace pattern and put a contemporary spin on it, then you might end up with something that looks like the stunning material that’s been used for these white curtains. Intricately woven to create an eye-catching effect, these curtains are so creative that they are almost like a piece of art.

40. Tie-dye curtains

Tie-dyed fabric can be used for more than just your groovy shirts. This room uses a tie-dye curtain with a single color in order to match the other décor including the pair of tie-dyed couch pillows. However, if you want something a little more colorful, then you could use tie-dyed curtains that use a range of shades.

41. Bead curtain

As lovely as a beaded dress or necklace, a curtain that’s made from beads can be a gorgeous addition to your home. While you could opt for something that features bright colors and bold patterns of beads, you could also choose a curtain that sticks with one or two shades and a straightforward arrangement instead.

42. Curtains and valances with tassels

Pick out curtains and valances for your home that are opulent, elegant, and ornate by opting for window treatments that feature tassel accents. While these have tassels that hang straight down in horizontal curves across the bottom of the valances, there are also tassels arranged in downward zig-zag lines down the sides of the curtains.

43. Modern Mediterranean-style curtains

Make your home look like it’s a getaway located on the Spanish shores of the crystal blue ocean by putting up Mediterranean-style curtains. Think along the lines of a chic design that keeps things contemporary but uses slightly distressed materials in a soft sandy shade along with a bright beautiful blue color to fit a nautical theme.

44. Yellow fitted blinds

Having blinds custom-made means that they should fit the space around your windows perfectly. They can also provide a pop of color such as these stunning yellow blinds. The ideal addition to a room that’s filled with other bright colors, they would also work in a space that sticks with walls that are white, black, or gray.

45. Dreamy cloud-like white curtains

Whether you’re looking for a new way to dress up the windows in your living room or want to add some style to the windows in your bedroom, you could always opt for curtains that are delightfully dreamy. These puffy white curtains are so light and bright that they might make you think of fluffy clouds.