Should a living room rug match your couch or walls?

Should a living room rug match your couch or walls?

Choosing a living room rug should have as much thought behind it as choosing a couch, or your wall color, or your layout. A rug can often be the largest thing in the room in fact, so it’s an important element to get right. But what should you be looking to match your rug to? The sofa color? The wall color? Or should you go totally rogue and go with neither?

They are both pretty fail-safe options, tie in the rug with your largest piece of furniture or the color of the room and you instantly create a cohesive, balanced space. But are these the only options? We asked top interior designers what their approach is to choosing the best living room rug, and talk us through the pros and cons of both playing it safe and going for something different. 

Should a rug match the couch color or the wall color?

Living room with pale yellow couch

(Image credit: Alex Morrison)

’There is no hard and fast rule for choosing rug designs and colors. Sometimes you just see a rug that you love and if it works in your space and you like it then great!’ explains rug designer Amy Kent (opens in new tab). ‘BUT if I’m doing a rug for a client who has already furnished the rest of their space, and they have no idea where to start then we generally chose one thing to work from.’